09 January, 2009

Nine Questions and Two Suggestion for 2009


1. What do you talk about at your coffee break?

What is the subject of your unguarded conversations with yourself and others? Are you living in troubled times? The media has to talk about crises because sensationalism sells, but you do not have to think, talk or act that way.

2. Do you see abundance or scarcity?
Your perspective is important because it determines how you look at your life and everyone around you. Is the glass half full or half empty? There is an abundance of information and opinions but quite often a scarcity of truth in them

3. Are you fearful or empowered?

There are an abundance of things to be concerned about: your mortgage, the heating, food, health, your job, friends, children your spouse. Fear can only come from the feeling that things are out of your control. The opposite side of the coin is also true. If you feel in control then you feel empowered.

4. Are your “glory days” ahead of you or behind you?

I say they are ahead of you. Do not look back. What you have done is done. Do not blame yourself or anyone else for anything that was done or for the results of it for in so doing, you relinquish your power, abandon your dreams and wander through life. Instead, do what gives you joy in your life and your “glory days” will be ahead of you.

5. What are your resources?

Above and beyond everything else, it is you! Your talents, attitude energy, ethics and experiences will determine your success or failure. Your friends encourage you, your enemies help you to recognize areas that need improvement. Your community and the universe want you to succeed. Accept yourself and others exactly as you are now. Stretch your comfort zone and accept challenges.

6. Where do you want to go?

You will never know unless and until you “ step out over the edge.” You will never strike out if you never swing the bat, but you will also never get a home run unless you swing at the ball. You had the dream and it is still there. Go for it! Make sure that you are having fun along the way.

7. How do you look at your “lions, tigers and bears?”

They are your true friends disguised as problems/challenges. If you run from them, they will catch up with you and destroy your dreams. Instead, greet them, meet them then get to know them. Each one of them holds a secret key to your success and happiness which you can never know until you solve their riddle.

8. What is important to you?

Many people say that it is money,.power, possessions. But they are empty. although people think that it will get them the feeling that they are looking for, that we are all looking for. The answer to that question is the same for all of us, “the feeling that you have value, in and of yourself.”

9. What is holding you back?

I am not a Mind reader or a soul reader so I could not possibly answer that question. But I do have two suggestions that will help you discover you answer to the question.

Suggestion 1.

When in doubt, DO something. Sitting back and hiding from life has never accomplished anything. If what you did does not work out or is wrong, someone will tell you about it and you will have discovered one way that it does not work. Then repeat the process using the new information.

Suggestion 2.

Buy a book that will wake up your senses and stimulate your thinking about who you are, why you exist and that places no limits on the possibilities of what you can do with your life. Living in the Unlimited Universe” is such a book.

Happy New Year!

Dexter McConnell




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