13 January, 2009

An Introduction to IPR & Patents

Hi Everybody!

I invite you to attend a 4 session program entitled "An Introduction to IPR & Patents" starting on Thursday, 15th January 2009 which I will be leading.

This program goes forward from the earlier session "IPR - Why and What?" which I led on 10th Dec, 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions we had in that session and, going by the feedback I got, many of you who participated enjoyed it too! The program starting on 15th Jan will also be fun and interactive, plus it will be structured, rigorous and each session will be shorter (1 hour).

Please see below a short write-up about this program.

The schedule for the program is:
Session 1: 15th Jan, 2009 - Thursday
Session 2: 16th Jan, 2009 - Friday
Session 3: 20th Jan, 2009 - Tuesday
Session 4: 21st Jan, 2009 - Wednesday
Time: 4 to 5pm
Venue: Kensium Conference Room

You can participate in this program even if you did not participate in the earlier session held on 10th Dec, 2008. No prior knowledge of IPR is required to participate in this program. Printed notes will be provided during the sessions.

Please email, message or speak with me at the earliest to register for this program. The number of participants is limited.

Thank you,

Parvez Kudrolli

About “An Introduction to IPR & Patents”

As you might be aware, creating Intellectual Property and protecting these through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is becoming more and more important, especially for IT and Knowledge based companies like Kensium. IPRs are an important measure of the kind of innovation and value addition that happens in a company. In the near future, companies cannot hope to effectively compete in the marketplace unless they have a strategy and system for creating, protecting and commercially exploiting IPR.

Few will dispute that people and the “creations of their mind” – i.e., Intellectual Property (IP) – are among the most valuable assets that a business can have. IPRs can enable companies to leverage these “creations of the mind” for deriving business & economic advantage.

At the individual level, even though most people have heard about IPRs such as Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks & Geographical Indications (GI), there is still a lot of confusion about the various types of IPR, what they protect and how they can impact our work and our lives.

This program will give you,
1) a through grounding in the basic concepts of IP, IPRs & Patents, and
2) a sense of how these things show up in the Real World out there,
through Examples and Case Studies.


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