05 December, 2008

Kensium Team Events

For most of us, "Kensium Team Outing" is still fresh in our minds & from what I have heard, if an opportunity arises, we would like to go and indulge in similar type of activities again & again. However with our busy personal and professional lives, it is not possible for a lot of us. BUT, we can try to mix some FUN at work place & with work as well to compensate for the missed opportunities… you don’t believe me….hmmmm.. too bad, as we are about to prove you wrong!!!

Entertainment and Fun are a necessary part of our lives. All of us go through some kind of stress everyday and continuous stress drains out the energy and causes us to lose motivation, and may even affect our health. Having some sort of recreation or fun rejuvenates the entire system and also pumps in lost energy, and also assists in team building. So, let's have some fun events at work place!

Kensium will now have a team to fuel our spirits with these fun events on every 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month from 12 noon onwards. Events will be conducted on the floor, where everyone will be an audience as well as a participant.

To share your thoughts & ideas, we have created a Kensium Blog site …you can post all your crazy thoughts & ideas. You can post anything you want on this blog… jokes, funny pictures, events, updates… anything that you want to share with Team Kensium!

Guys & Gals…We welcome your IDEAs about team games, fun games, simple games, simple games which can be played on the floor with minimum efforts. If you want to talk about anything interesting such as a team outing, team lunch or dinner or anything that has more of US & less of I, please share them with this team & we will have it as an event on one of the Saturdays. Please keep these posts professional, as this is a public site.

We have a task on hand ….got to have a name & a punch line for our team …please suggest suitable names & catchy punch lines on the blog… the name & punch line should reflect the spirit of Team Kensium…there will be a special prize for the person who’s suggested name or punch line will been picked!!

Meet you people on the floor for the fun games!!!



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