05 April, 2011

Litigation Coding

Support provided in any form to attorneys is known as litigation support. Litigation support entails providing of support to attorneys in the form of consultation and other subsistence for current or pending cases. The type of services offered typically depends on the range of services expected by the attorneys. These services can vary from research and documentation of facts or precedents before the case comes for trial or assisting in assessing the damages in a case already tried.

In the world of litigation, it does not end if a case is won or lost. There is a great deal of documentation that needs to be done either way. In the event of a loss, there is a need to find out if there are any factors the attorney may use to log an appeal or of the case is won then the support has to assess the amount of damages that are to be awarded etc.

In both the cases there is a need for document utilization service which is a part of litigation coding. Litigation coding can be considered a branch of Business Process Outsourcing as legal businesses outsource legal coding to offshore companies to ease their burden as well as cost. Litigation coding is a specialized service that enables attorneys to capture large chunks of data in a coded format. It is the process of creating a summary or keyword data from the available documents. Legal professionals find this especially useful to retrieve volumes of data coded as index or data base. Documents or records in a date base are indexed or coded to facilitate a quick retrieval.

There are two types of Litigation coding- Objective and Subjective. In subjective coding the coder seeks key information from the document, analyses it and makes a short summary of the document. This subjective information assists the user when there is too much of information in the document. In objective coding legally trained experts review every document and prepare a computerized index of basic objective data.

Legal documentation certainly is not cheap at all. Legal companies largely depend on offshore litigation coding. The offshore litigation coding companies provide a proper transfer of data by forming a database and then coding and indexing these records to the customer’s satisfaction. The offshore litigation coding companies offer accurate, quality and immediate response to the need of clients.

Litigation companies can avoid a lot of expenditure as well as stress that is caused due to this process. By outsourcing the coding work, legal companies can maximize their output by concentrating on their core activities and establishing success. Outsourcing of litigation coding cuts down a company’s expenses dramatically which fund can be sued for further augmentation of business.


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