19 September, 2009

Blood Donation - Its All About Saving A Life

"Adopt A Thalassemic Child for Blood Donation"

A new initiative started by www.Indianblooddonors.com. There are many patients suffering from blood disorders who need frequent blood transfusion all round the year. Especially children suffering from Thallesemia who need two transfusions every month. If a donor adopts a patient for blood transfusion, life will be so easy for these patients. These donors will only donate blood to the patient he/she adopts. So if you wish to adopt a patient for blood donation please sign up.

I request patients or relatives of such patients who need frequent blood transfusions to contact and register with www.Indianblooddonors.com, so that they can help them out by patching them up with blood donors who wish to adopt patients for blood donation.

On the website, there are requests for blood donation in different cities in India. If you have a matching blood group please help the patient. Just click on the link to get the patient profile. I also need your help to spread the word about the site (www.Indianblooddonors.com), so that more patients benefit and nobody dies for want of blood.

I request healthy individuals from Team Kensium to support this noble cause and register at www.Indianblooddonors.com.

For More Details Please Visit: www.Indianblooddonors.com

which is a very good service that I have personally experienced.
There is nothing bigger than donating blood to help the needy and save a life."
- Saikumar Chettiar



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